Grotesque Approaches in Contemporary Turkish Painting

Mevlüt Ünal, Ahmet Dalkıran
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The Republican period witnessed significant changes in Turkish art and the art of painting was reshaped in this process. By addressing the grotesque elements in paintings depicting mythological themes, the study aims to understand the reasons why artists use these images and the social, cultural, and political contexts of these images. The study analyzes the depiction of figures in Turkish painting in a grotesque context during the Republican period and how artists integrated the influences of Western culture as well as traditional Turkish culture. Additionally, it is examined whether the use of grotesque images emerged as a reaction of the artists to the political and social atmosphere of the period or as a different narrative strategy. In this context, it offers an understanding of how grotesque images in Turkish painting reflect the artists' individual expressions, social criticism and cultural identities.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Turkish Art, History of Turkish Art, Grotesque

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Ünal, M. & Dalkıran, A. (2024). Grotesque Approaches in Contemporary Turkish Painting [Çağdaş Türk Resminde Grotesk Yaklaşımlar]. Bilim, Eğitim, Sanat ve Teknoloji Dergisi (BEST Dergi) [Science, Education, Art and Technology Journal (SEAT Journal)], 8(1), 66-80.



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